Specialty Doors

Entry into your specialty rooms should be closely guarded to allow only those you fully trust access inside. Piper Weatherford is a dedicated team of experts practiced in crafting secure door solutions for every situation, regardless of the need.


Some of our common successful installations include:


  • Security rooms safe from high impacts such as blasts and bullets


  • Pressure locks to keep a room sealed air-tight


  • Shelter doors rated to withstand both tornadoes and hurricane force winds


We are familiar with numerous materials for you to choose from as we make suggestions specific to the requirements for your room's exact demands. Be it a high security facility for banking or to satisfy a company's storage needs, Piper Weatherford has the experience and track record for success to deliver to your specifications exactly the specialty door that will meet your needs.


At Piper Weatherford, we are a distributor for these manufacturers:


Specialty Doors


Eliason Corp.

Krieger Specialty Products

Overly Doors

Security Metal Products



Types of Specialty Doors


STC (Sound Transmission Control) Doors

Impact Resistant Doors

Lead-Lined Doors

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) Doors

Erosion Resistant Doors



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